Wedding Guest Book – How To Present It

Like wedding favours a wedding guest book plays a very important role on your special day. It offers those who you have invited to celebrate this important day in your lives with a chance to put in a special and personal message that you can then look at in the future and help you to remember what a wonderful day your wedding was.

But most couples will often leave looking at sorting out the guest book until the last minute as other important matters have taken over. Below we offer a few tips you may find useful in relation to not only deciding on the style of wedding guest book to have but how it should be displayed.

Tip 1 – If you have time available then get hold of photos of everybody that has been invited to your wedding and in alphabetical order stick them on top of each page of the guest book. This way they won’t have to spend ages looking for where they will need to sign and leave a message. You will also find that doing this then your guests are going to be more willing to add a message rather than just signing it.

Tip 2 – If you have invited children along to the wedding then why not present them with their own special book in which they can sign their names. As well as making them feel very special it offers them the opportunity if they wish to draw pictures of the happy couple and so the one you get the adults to sign won’t look so worn.

Tip 3 – Many couples tend to have the wedding guest book situated in one place but of course this increases the chances of guests forgetting to sign it. To avoid this problem why not place some sheets of paper on the table where the guests will be sat and they can sign it whilst they are comfortable. Then all the pages can be collected holes made in them through which a ribbon can be threaded and this will help to bind all of the pages together.

Tip 4 – Generally the guest book that those invited to a wedding sign is displayed just after the place where the bride and groom are greeting their guests. But instead it is worth thinking about placing it in front of the top table so as guests choose to come up and speak with the couple they can sign it then. The other way is to place the book at the exit of the reception and they can sign it at the end of the evening. Doing it this way will provide them with more chances to write down a personal message about how much they loved the wedding.

Tip 5 – If you want to save money when it comes to your wedding guest book then just like wedding favours it is worth thinking about making your own. Why not purchase plain covered book in which guests can sign and place messages then cover it in some white satin or black or burgundy velvet using glue. You can purchase any of these items through a local craft store or online.

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