Traditional Bikes Present Good Value For Money

We all know about the advantages cycling provides when it comes to saving on fuel and the positive contribution you can make towards reducing carbon footprint. However, one another great advantage associated with cycling as an activity is often not given the importance it deserves and that is the effect it can have on the body as well as mind. Traditional bikes due to the manner in which they are put together with simple body lines present you with the perfect opportunity to revisit your early school and teenage years when you first enjoyed the wonderful freedom and pleasures of riding a bike.

It is important to mention here that unless you are very comfortable using a bike in terms of seating convenience and strain on the body, you would not like to use it frequently. All of us are also aware that when you cover long distances on the bike, the strain on the spine can be a lot and unless the seating position is upright, you would not be able to enjoy the ride. That is where the positioning of the pedals as well as handlebars on these bikes holds such great importance such that there is minimum pressure on the wrists as well as the tailbone. An uncomfortable sitting position can have its negative impact not only on the spine but also on the tailbone and that is where the ergonomic design of these bikes score over others in that the rider is put to no inconvenience at all and can cover long distances without a problem.

These bikes are ideal for city use equipped as they are with mudguards, lights and with good padding. There is provision to keep a briefcase or a bag and the upright riding position makes visibility easy. The hub gears hardly require any maintenance and the chain too is kept well away so that it does not get in the way of your trousers and is also not susceptible to road grime and dust. You thus have the perfect machine that is low on maintenance, very functional and gives your body the perfect workout as you cycle to your destination and back daily.

Another point that needs mention here is that traditional bikes are not the sporty kind and therefore cannot be used for competitive racing events. That is because of the sturdiness of the bike structure as well as the upright riding position that is not considered aerodynamically friendly.

There is a debate on which bike would lend itself better to physical exercise. Now if you are really overweight and suffer from some back or neck pain, then these traditional bikes may not be very convenient for you due to the weight not being distributed equally as in a recumbent bike. For those who are not heavily built and prefer a daily workout, this bike is the ideal option for its basic functionality as well as low maintenance costs.

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