Traditional Bikes Present Good Value For Money

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We all know about the advantages cycling provides when it comes to saving on fuel and the positive contribution you can make towards reducing carbon footprint. However, one another great advantage associated with cycling as an activity is often not given the importance it deserves and that is the effect it can have on the body as well as mind. Traditional bikes due to the manner in which they are put together with simple body lines present you with the perfect opportunity to revisit your early school and teenage years when you first enjoyed the wonderful freedom and pleasures of riding a bike.

It is important to mention here that unless you are very comfortable using a bike in terms of seating convenience and strain on the body, you would not like to use it frequently. All of us are also aware that when you cover long distances on the bike, the strain on the spine can be a lot and unless the seating position is upright, you would not be able to enjoy the ride. That is where the positioning of the pedals as well as handlebars on these bikes holds such great importance such that there is minimum pressure on the wrists as well as the tailbone. An uncomfortable sitting position can have its negative impact not only on the spine but also on the tailbone and that is where the ergonomic design of these bikes score over others in that the rider is put to no inconvenience at all and can cover long distances without a problem.

These bikes are ideal for city use equipped as they are with mudguards, lights and with good padding. There is provision to keep a briefcase or a bag and the upright riding position makes visibility easy. The hub gears hardly require any maintenance and the chain too is kept well away so that it does not get in the way of your trousers and is also not susceptible to road grime and dust. You thus have the perfect machine that is low on maintenance, very functional and gives your body the perfect workout as you cycle to your destination and back daily.

Another point that needs mention here is that traditional bikes are not the sporty kind and therefore cannot be used for competitive racing events. That is because of the sturdiness of the bike structure as well as the upright riding position that is not considered aerodynamically friendly.

There is a debate on which bike would lend itself better to physical exercise. Now if you are really overweight and suffer from some back or neck pain, then these traditional bikes may not be very convenient for you due to the weight not being distributed equally as in a recumbent bike. For those who are not heavily built and prefer a daily workout, this bike is the ideal option for its basic functionality as well as low maintenance costs.

Anna Louise Jones is a cycling enthusiast who has been writing for top bike retailers such as CycleSurgery for over 8 years. CycleSurgery is an online bike retailer with over twenty stores nationwide with expert staff on hand to advise on top of the range bikes including mountain bikes, folding bikes, commuting bikes and traditional bikes in addition to cycling clothing, components, bike lights, mtb shoes and luggage. To view the collection, visit the CycleSurgery website.

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Wedding Guest Book – How To Present It

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Like wedding favours a wedding guest book plays a very important role on your special day. It offers those who you have invited to celebrate this important day in your lives with a chance to put in a special and personal message that you can then look at in the future and help you to remember what a wonderful day your wedding was.

But most couples will often leave looking at sorting out the guest book until the last minute as other important matters have taken over. Below we offer a few tips you may find useful in relation to not only deciding on the style of wedding guest book to have but how it should be displayed.

Tip 1 – If you have time available then get hold of photos of everybody that has been invited to your wedding and in alphabetical order stick them on top of each page of the guest book. This way they won’t have to spend ages looking for where they will need to sign and leave a message. You will also find that doing this then your guests are going to be more willing to add a message rather than just signing it.

Tip 2 – If you have invited children along to the wedding then why not present them with their own special book in which they can sign their names. As well as making them feel very special it offers them the opportunity if they wish to draw pictures of the happy couple and so the one you get the adults to sign won’t look so worn.

Tip 3 – Many couples tend to have the wedding guest book situated in one place but of course this increases the chances of guests forgetting to sign it. To avoid this problem why not place some sheets of paper on the table where the guests will be sat and they can sign it whilst they are comfortable. Then all the pages can be collected holes made in them through which a ribbon can be threaded and this will help to bind all of the pages together.

Tip 4 – Generally the guest book that those invited to a wedding sign is displayed just after the place where the bride and groom are greeting their guests. But instead it is worth thinking about placing it in front of the top table so as guests choose to come up and speak with the couple they can sign it then. The other way is to place the book at the exit of the reception and they can sign it at the end of the evening. Doing it this way will provide them with more chances to write down a personal message about how much they loved the wedding.

Tip 5 – If you want to save money when it comes to your wedding guest book then just like wedding favours it is worth thinking about making your own. Why not purchase plain covered book in which guests can sign and place messages then cover it in some white satin or black or burgundy velvet using glue. You can purchase any of these items through a local craft store or online.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips – Save Time and Keep It Presentable

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Carpeting is a fact of life in our modern society, and who doesn’t love a carpet that’s clean and in good condition. It makes a room look richer and cozier (invites lounging!), and it helps dampens sound in the process. Keeping it clean, however, is often a tough job because it’s a given that anything we use regularly will get dirty. Few households can afford the space to isolate a ‘company only’ room to maintain its carpet in pristine condition.

And then you can’t mess with Murphy’s Law – or at least a logical corollary: “The likelihood of an open faced peanut butter and jelly sandwich landing face down correlates perfectly with the price of the carpet!” While we may generally win the battle against messy food, carpet care remains problematic for most and too often constitutes an embarrassment when we fail. Here are some important carpet care tips to simplify the challenge.


Regular vacuuming is the primary strategy for maintaining a clean carpet. Under normal circumstances, vacuuming twice a week is typical, and more often is recommended when heavier traffic and use is unavoidable. Vacuuming doesn’t cause excessive wear, so there’s no real limit to frequency. In some families, vacuuming is on someone’s daily to-do list and actually gets done that often.

Most users realize that vacuuming slowly with repeated passes over an area is the best technique. Follow recommend procedures to maintain the vacuum (empty the bag, fool!) to insure optimum results. First off, however, remember to remove potentially damaging objects before starting – paperclips, marbles, legos, power cords, small animals (gerbils really mess with suction!), and incendiaries. Breaking an otherwise good vacuum belt as a consequence for inattention is truly annoying!

Regular vacuuming is the best preventive strategy, but won’t affect stains once they appear. The number one technique for handling stains is to do it fast. The longer a stain remains, the harder it is to remove. Some spills are more problematic than others. Regular soda makes a resistant stain, whereas diet soda doesn’t stain at all (something to do with the fixative power of sugar!).

Home Remedies

Don’t forget home remedies for stain removal. Club soda blotted on a stain with a simple cloth isn’t an uncommon solution. Using baking soda and corn starch as a kind of paste with a cloth or brush can be used to remove oil stains. Undiluted vinegar can also be used to successfully remove unsightly chocolate and coffee stains. As a general rule, use the friendliest solution possible to remove the stain.


Carpet shampooers are readily available and should be used periodically to keep carpet from developing resistant stains. Domestic models are becoming more popular so homeowners and renters needn’t wait as long to deep-clean their carpets. Commercial cleaning solutions and spot removers are readily available for both types and work well, especially if allowed to soak for 30 minutes or more. ‘Stubborn’ stains tend to stay that way if the cleaner is in too much of a hurry. Scrubbing a resistant stain with a brush is advisable for durable carpet types, whereas less durable fibers may be damaged by repeated mechanical action. Know your fiber! If in doubt, always test somewhere inconspicuous.

No-Shoe Zone?

One strategy for reducing dirt and stains is to declare a ‘no shoe’ zone and require visitors to remove footwear before entering a carpeted area. Living in Hawaii, I’m used to this tradition, but realize how difficult it might be to suddenly institute the practice. Dealing with seasonal changes in footwear would likely complicate a change. If this approach is for you, make the changeover in late spring or summer when compliance would be the easiest.

Strategic Rugs

Finally, consider using runners or small area rugs to complement the carpet and protect high traffic areas (e.g., in front of the lazy boy!). Entryways into the carpeted area or high-use spots like in front of sofas are logical targets. This is a no-brainer solution for keeping dirt and stains away from the carpet. Another no-brainer is to strictly ban high-stain substances from a carpeted area. Hosting a wine tasting party over expensive carpet would be a true Homer Simpson moment!

Carpet says a lot about our homes, but must be cared for regularly to keep it looking clean and presentable. Regular vacuuming and periodic shampooing are two solutions for aiding this goal, as is a commitment to remove stains quickly. The rest is behavioral – use common sense guidelines about what gets even close to the carpet. Employ critical carpet care tips and keep it clean!

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A Variety of Benefits That Auto Transport Companies Present

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Getting your car transported from a particular spot to the other is apparently a hard and difficult job to carry on. It would require services from a trusted auto transport company which renders a lot of services and the way you make use of these services would depend entirely on your persistence and on the need for the services to be done as soon as possible. It would also rely on the finances which you would be paying for you to get your car moved from one place to your desired destination.

Having your car running over long distances could really get your car a lot of wear and tear despite of the best tracks and the finest weathers. Aside from the extra miles that your car runs, everything from your engines to your radio and your transmissions could get a lot of hard workouts when you would be planning to drive it on your own across countries. Therefore you would get to thinking about those long hours that you would be spending driving your car along, for example those poor weather conditions and a lot more factors that could be a painstaking process, and see why car owners as well as dealers hire auto transport companies to do the job for them.

Moreover, there would be a lot of benefits that auto transport companies present to you to get your car transported and do the job for you instead you getting to drive it yourself. And here would be some of them:

Your Car wouldn’t be Used Up
Since these auto transport companies would get the job done for you, then it wouldn’t be necessary for your car to do any of the working and running to get it from a place to another and therefore it could avoid all the wear outs it could receive when preferring to do it on your own. And these companies would do their best to ensure that your cars would arrive in the preferred destination without any problems or damages at all.

You Could Save Your Time
With the auto transport company doing the job for you, it would simply mean that you won’t have to spend time getting this job done and won’t have to use your energy needed for driving. Perhaps you could ride on a plane, a train, bus or any means of transport for you to reach your desired location therefore you could just simply relax and sit out there doing things you like to do.

It’s the Safest Means of Moving your Cars
Mostly all of the auto transport companies are the most dependable and the most secure ways to get your car transported. And almost all of them are licensed and certified therefore their customers could simply relax and wait until their cars reach the destination allocated.

No matter what type of car you own or no matter how old-fashioned it is, as long as you look for the help of auto transport companies, they would do the job for you. So if you would be planning to move your car as soon as possible, take a second look at the benefits I recommend for you, and you would get to thinking that these one could be right and yes they are. Just always make sure that in order to get the best services for your car, look for the best and reliable company for you. Take time to look for them on the web, there are a lot of them. And they simply won’t fail you. I hope this one helps you as well as your car. Good luck with the transporting!

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Presentation of Rich Reels

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Rich Reels possesses the look of wealth and richness. The casino is sleek and elegant with rich features. This casino is also part of the Villento Brands group, which is a sister concern of Villento Las Vegas. The gambling establishment is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission but is not open to US participants.

Rich Reels uses 128-bit SSL file encryption to ensure overall security of your personal information and transactions which you conduct at the casino. The internet casino has in position a Fair Gaming policy as well, and holds a seal of safety and fair gaming through eCOGRA. The casino also gets its payout rates audited through independent auditors annually. Its tight underage gambling policy makes certain players who are not above 18 years of age are not allowed to play at the casino.

Yet another shining aspect of Rich Reels is its customer support. The client support staff is obtainable 24×7 and it is accessible through e-mail, live chat, and also telephone. The client service team is knowledgeable and effective, which ensures your inquiries get swift and precise answers.

Software and Online games

Rich Reels runs on the Viper software developed by Microgaming. Viper presents such cool features like autoplay, plus gives you high-clarity graphics and online video, exceptional sound, and also rapid downloads.

At Rich Reels, you have the option of selecting from more than 300 activities, with additional games being added each month. All your beloved online gambling games are there, though a majority of these games will be slots. The games available at the casino include slots (reel slots, video slots, and even progressive slots), table games (blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, craps, and others), video poker, and specialized games (Keno and Scratch Cards).

Cost-free games are available for those who are interested in learning brand-new games as well as to exercise their own skill before playing for real money.

Banking Options

Rich Reels accepts these currencies – US Dollars ($), Canadian Dollars (CAD), GBPs (£), and Euros (€). There are many options available in terms of depositing and extracting revenue. To deposit funds into your casino bank account you may use Clickand Buy, UseMyWallet, PaySafeCard, MoneyBookers, UseMyBank, UKash, EcoCard, NETeller, Click2Pay, EziPay (Internet and ATM), EntroPay, along with your charge cards (Visa and MasterCard).

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Using Present Tense Spanish Verbs Instead of Future Tense Spanish Verbs

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One question that I am frequently asked by my newsletter subscribers is whether you can use the present tense instead of the future tense in Spanish. Well, the answer is “yes.” In this lesson, I will explain this topic in detail. By the way, the use of the present tense instead of the future tense isn’t limited to statements. Native Spanish speakers often use the present tense in questions where English speakers would use the future tense.

Here’s an example that just happened to me minutes ago. I was on the phone speaking to a friend when I told him that I had to go because I was busy writing an important email to my customers and readers. And he asked “me llamas luego?” (You call me later?)

But in English, we would ask “WILL you call me later?”

My Puerto Rican and Dominican friends back in New York would have asked “me llamas pa’ tras?” (You call me back?)

Colombians consider “me llamas pa’ tras?” more like “Spanglish” than Spanish. So in Colombia ask “me llamas luego?” And here’s another use of the present tense by a native Spanish speaker instead of the future tense. Yesterday, I saw a “joven” or “adolescente” (teenager) flirting with some “muchachas” about his age that were in a car. And he asked the driver “me llevas contigo?”

Literally, “you take me with you?” Notice that he did NOT ask “me llavarás contigo?” (Will you take me with you?)

To me it is very strange noticing this because in New York sometimes my Spanish speaking friends that were not native English speakers would say in English phrases such as “I call you” or ask “You call me?” instead of “I will call you,” or “Will you call me?”

I didn’t think much of it at the time. I just assumed that he or she didn’t speak English well. And I understood what he or she was saying and that was the only thing that really mattered. Or was that really the only thing that mattered?

Well, if you don’t speak Spanish the same way that native Spanish speakers do, and if you don’t use the present tense when they would use the present (instead of the future tense), they too will assume that you don’t speak Spanish well. Of course, they will still understand you.

So it all depends on whether your goal is to just to be able to make yourself understood in Spanish or if your goal it to be able to speak Spanish “like a native.”

Now I am not saying that native Spanish speakers never use the future tense. I am just saying that they have a tendency to use the present tense where English speakers would use the future tense.

But before I end this article, I just want to share with you my favorite phrase where my “novia” uses the present tense instead of the future tense:

Me llevas al cielo? (You take me to the sky?)

A better way to translate “me llevas al cielo?” is “will you take me to ecstasy?”

By the way, how I end my emails with “nos vemos” which literally means “we see each other” as opposed to “we WILL see each other” is another example of how native Spanish speakers would use the present tense where native English speakers would use the future tense.

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Improving Your Presentation Skills

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If you will be presenting something in front of a live audience, you need to have the necessary skills in order for you to deliver what you want to say effectively. If your last presentation didn’t really come out as planned, you might need to improve your presentation skills in order to get it right the next time.

First of all, the work starts out way before you are in front of your audience. The work starts in the planning of your presentation. The first thing you need to consider is find out who you will be speaking to. You need this information in order to really prepare on how you should deliver your presentation.

In the actual presentation, you only have fifteen to thirty seconds to make a first impression to your audience. In this first fifteen seconds, you would want to grab your audience’s attention. This is why your opening line is also one of the most important factors in making a presentation. One of the best ways in making an opening line is to perk your audiences up with a humorous line.

The next thing is answer your audience’s “why should I care?” and “what’s in it for me?” questions. What this means is that you should give them a reason to listen to your presentation. These two questions, even though unspoken, are what everyone in your audience is asking. If you can answer these questions, you can now move on to your presentation.

So, now that you have their attention and answered the two unspoken questions of your audiences, you now have to think of a way to open the main topic. Start it out by quoting someone, or start it with a joke. With this introduction it will really carry you and your presentation very far.

The most important aspect of your presentation is the audience. If you don’t catch their attention, your presentation may and will be a failure. So, before you start your presentation, you should first know your audience.

With this knowledge, you can write about the different ways to catch their attention. Make them feel at ease while you are making a presentation. Consider adding a little humor to your presentation. Nothing makes a presentation dull and boring faster by being uptight. Loosen up a bit and make your audience comfortable listening to you.

These are some of the things you should remember when making a presentation. You can also tape your presentation and watch yourself. By doing this, you can watch your own presentation and ask yourself if the man speaking in your TV is entertaining you or not. With this, you can improve your skills in presentation.

Always remember that having the right introduction, the right attitude and also the right material are the most important aspects on making a good presentation.

Making a presentation is all about your people skills. If you have good people skills, you will surely make a good first impression to the audience. If you don’t, you can always improve your skills more.

Always keep in mind that boredom is the killer of all presentations. Depending on the news you will present your audiences with, you should always keep their attention on you. Make the audience want to hear your presentation.

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Present Exquisite Gifts, Also Personalise Your Message

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A gift always brings smiles on the recipients face when you inscribe his/her name on it. It signifies that you have selected a gift with effort keeping his/her taste into account. This reveals your caring nature. On this Christmas the best way to make a person feel elevated is presenting a personalized gift. Fascinating and wonderful Christmas gift items and opulent in unique features can easily be grabbed by considering the personalized Christmas gifts.

Personalized Christmas gifts are a collection of majestic gifts that comes with the option of personalization. Personalization makes the gift dignified and also attractive. You can engrave the recipients name, a significant date or as per given provision. Most gifts such as personalized football calendar are available with the proviso to select your favorite football clubs name and the month. The calendar is really magnificent as it features newspaper headlines for the day and the year of choice.

A nice-looking gift is available with personalized Christmas gifts. You can pick gifts for all ages and considering the interest of the recipient. Replica Gold Disc sets as a good epitome. This splendid gift is presented in a quality brushed aluminum frame with a selection of mount colors. In this particular gift you can provide the details: title and artist, message for plaque, frame option- gold or silver brushed aluminum, mount options- black-blue-red-burgundy. The other collection that is much popular on this festive season is: Football Newspaper Book, Coin watch, Personalized Quotation Mug, Jigsaw Puzzle, Diana Princess of Wales, 200 years Sea Battles Times, Personalized Calendars, Personalized Gift Boxes etc.

Christmas personalized gifts are also considered to commemorate a special occasion or confer reverence to a person. The personalization provision is available with limited option. Thus, with the personalized Christmas gifts you can treat your loved ones in a unique way on this Christmas season.

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Arriving Early at the Venue Helps You Deliver a Successful Presentation

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It’s important that on the day you are speaking you arrive at the venue early, before the audience, and check the room. Even the best laid plans can go wrong. You may have done your homework, found out as much as you can about the venue and there is a last minute change that no-one told you about. It’s better to find out half an hour before you speak than a few minutes before.

Check everything again

Check that everything you have already been told, is correct. If there is a change, don’t insist on changing it again, unless it is vital to the success of your presentation. Sometimes your contact in the organisation is not responsible for the final setup. Adjust to the change as much as you can then just get on with it.

Check the equipment

Even if you checked your laptop and projector before you left home, set them up and check them again. Make sure you have enough adapters and cables and that they are not lying about where someone can trip over them. Don’t assume you will be provided with pens for flipcharts and whiteboards – take spares. Have a run though with the microphone, if you are using one, check the sound, adjust the height.

Check the temperature

If you are too cold or too warm, the chances are the audience will be too and this is a distraction. Ask to have the temperature adjusted before the meeting begins.

Check the lighting

You don’t want to be plunged into darkness during your speech when someone tries to be helpful and adjusts the dimmer switch only to turn the lights off by mistake.

Walk around the room

Sit in a seat in different parts of the room. Look at what the audience can see so you know where to position yourself on the stage. There may be tall pillars, plants or other obstructions in their line of vision. Make sure everyone will be able to see and hear you.

Walk around the speaking area

If you can’t visit the venue for an advance trial run, this is the next best thing. Familiarise yourself with the stage, get used to being on it, gauge the amount of floor space you have to move around and how much you need. Looking out at the audience area, decide how far you will have to project your voice and how you will make eye contact – don’t forget the back and the front of the room. Are there are any dips in the flooring or places where you can catch your foot? Are there any cables you will need to avoid? Are there any lights shining into your eyes?

Your speaking environment is important to your overall presentation. When you speak, you need to concentrate on getting your message across to the audience, not on external irritations.

Once you have gathered as much information as you can before the event and checked the room as best you can on the day you will be more relaxed and able to mingle with the audience, knowing that the stage is set for a successful presentation.

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Coaching Success Tips for Professional Advisors: Being Present Brings More Income

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Have you ever noticed the best client meetings are those where you let the client lead and you don’t say much but listen and ask more questions? You don’t multitask; you don’t try to think ahead; you don’t pass judgement; you are simply present. There is huge success in presence. Giving people your undivided attention motivates them to work with you. By being fully present with them you are showing them the love that they crave.

One of my favorite coaching clients was a modest man who sold insurance but had never experienced even a six-figure income. Dale had a heart for people. He had the drive to achieve and he was diligent in his study of financial planning strategies, insurance solutions and selling techniques. He had the makings of a top adviser.

What he lacked was the ability to shut out the personal demons that barraged him constantly with “You’ll never be a success. You came from a poor family. You’ll always be poor. You can’t handle success.”

During a personal interview he told me that while he aspired to accomplish more he felt inferior to others in his industry. He worried a great deal over his financial future.

What Dale lacked was the ability to shut off the voices from the past and the future and listen only to the voice that empowered him to be in the present moment. When he discovered how to shut off the dis-empowering thoughts in his head and focus intensely on the moment his sales sky-rocketed.

Shutting off negative voices when life storms are raging is not an easy task but after a few coaching sessions Dale recognized he had to take control of his thoughts if he was to achieve his income potential. You can use the same techniques to put yourself in a present state of being. When you learn these simple techniques you will find your meetings to be far more enriching for both you and your customer. Listed below are three of the ten techniques Dale learned through coaching sessions.

  1. Start by relaxing your entire body. Being fully present involves your body, emotions and mind. Visualize a great client meeting. As you do, move your energy through your entire body from your head to your feet. The way to do this exercise is to focus on each part of your body starting with your head and moving downward to your feet. Visualize a stream of liquid energy coursing through your body until you feel completely relaxed.
  2. Take five minutes to do some slow deep breathing. Breathing helps oxygenate your brain and relaxes your body. It expands your internal sense of self so you can feel the sensation of being high on life energy.
  3. Be yourself and let go of perfectionism. Nothing attracts people like authenticity. Be real. Give up the idea that you have to be perfect or say things perfectly in order to be effective. Effectiveness is not about your performance. It is about helping your customer get what they truly want.

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