How Does Being Present Change Your Life?

What is the big deal about being present? I get this question, in one form or another, quite often.

The answer is being present is one of the most empowering things you can ever do for yourself.  Seriously.

Answer me this, where do you live your life?  Do you live it yesterday?  Do you live it tomorrow?  Or do you live it today?

OK today.  So let’s take it a step further.  Do you live your life an hour ago, twenty minutes from now or right here in this moment?

Excellent.  So now that we have all agreed that we live our lives in the moment it makes sense that the most powerful place for our awareness to be is present in this moment with us, right?

Here is an example:  I am writing this blog sitting by a creek on a beautiful Spring day with the warm sun on my face and the breeze blowing through my hair.  Now if I have my awareness here with me in present time I get to appreciate all these things.

If, however, I did not have my awareness with me in present time, then I probably would not even notice these things.  I could have my awareness on the meeting I have in a couple of hours, or the trip I am taking at the end of the week or even on the fight I had with my friend last night.

All these distractions from being present, and others like them, don’t help us in any way.  If anything they sidetrack us from receiving all the gifts that are available to us every day.

Here is the bonus reason why being present is so valuable.  Present time is the only place in which you can create.

Consider this, right now, this instant, can you go back and make a cake yesterday?  No of course not, yesterday is past so you clearly cannot create in the past.  You may as well call all that energy you have focused on the past back to you in present time, so you can create with it.  I will offer you some guidance on how to do this in just a minute.

Now that leaves us with the future.  Right this instant; can you create a cake tomorrow?  Nope, can’t do that either.  You certainly can create a cake tomorrow, but then when it is tomorrow and you create the cake you will be in present time as you create it.  Makes sense right?

There you go, the only place in which you can create is present time.  This is the bonus for being present.

So having your energy in present time is a good thing, a very good thing.  It allows you to have 100% of your considerable abilities to manifest with you to create with.  It is kind of like going from having one arm tied behind your back to having both arms free.  There is so much more you can do when you have both of your arms free to assist you.  But how do you do it?

Try this.  Take a minute and bring your attention to the center of your head.  This is where your awareness resides when you are being present with yourself.  First let’s magnetize the center of your head so it draws in your energy from wherever it may be.

Now call all of your energy that is lingering in the past back to the center of your head so it can be with you right here, right now.  Visualize the energy being drawn back to you with no effort.  Just like a magnet draws metal to it with no effort.

Then do the same for any energy that is projected out in the future.  Call it back into the center of your head, where it can be with you right here, right now.

Next call all of your energy that is in present time, but not where you are physically and bring it back into the center of your head.  Perhaps your attention is on a meeting you are missing because you are delayed at a doctor’s appointment, or wondering if your spouse’s flight got in on time or wondering how your child is doing on the exam they are taking right now.  Allow that energy to come back to you in the center of your head.

You don’t have to identify where your energy is, just know that when you call it back to you it returns.  Much like if your dog has run off.  You don’t know where your dog is right now, but you know you prefer for him to be with you.  You call him back and he returns.  This is exactly what you are doing with your energy.

Notice what it feels like to be present in this way.  Are your thoughts clearer, are your senses heightened, do you feel different, more in your power?  Just give yourself a minute and check in.

Making note of what you experience when you have your awareness and your energy in present time will help you notice when you have slipped out of present time.  Then all you have to do is repeat this process, or the version of this process that resonates for you, and feel yourself return to power.

This is a practice.  It may take time to feel confident that you are doing it correctly.  Relax and trust your instinct.  If it feels right to you it is right for you.  As you practice this more and more, it will become more comfortable to do.

Enjoy being present and fully experiencing the life you are living.

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