Employee Training – Giving Presentations

Giving presentations during employee training is always limited based on time. It can be easy to run out of time during a presentation, only to realize you weren’t even half way through the slides. When you build a presentation, be sure that you practice by going through the slides and timing yourself. Manage your time wisely, or your audience will not have a chance to see the entire presentation because you ran out of time.

Before you even give a presentation for employee training you need to know your audience. If you are introducing a new software package to a company by department, then your audiences may differ in the way they learn. For example, the accounting department may not be 100% proficient with computers, and might need more steps on how to use the application. The IT department doesn’t care too much about how to use the application, but they will need training on how to install the software on a computer or server, about troubleshooting problems, and other things. Training needs to be designed according to the audience.

When you give presentations for employee training it is always a good idea to provide employee handouts or other materials that the employees can take with them. You might print the presentation so people can go back and review. However, if there is other data that is useful then you should send people with it. Don’t include too much text on slides because it will clutter the presentation and the audience will be focused on trying to read the content and not listening to you. Use bullet points. You should verbally talk about each bullet point listed on the slides.

Giving presentations is beneficial with employee training when you prepare properly. Be sure your presentation is designed according to the audience, there is not too much text and wording, and you provide enough reference materials and things to keep the interest of the audience.

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